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Capsules Erogan
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  1. Fill out the form for ordering on the official Website, you will have the phone number and your name in the registration form;
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And advise you in the order and delivery so you can leave a request on our Website and wait for the call Manager

The payment for the shipment via Dual payment courier or by post.

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In the Block the order you give in the order form the name and to order the phone the drug for the treatment of potency Erogan in Spain at a promotional price 39 €. Operator will contact you for acknowledgement of the order You pay only after receipt of the shipment from the courier or post or by courier after receiving the drug at the customer's address in Barcelona.

Where to buy Erogan, Barcelona, Spain

If you buy capsules Erogan according to price action in Barcelona on the order form, fill in the fields with name and phone number to the order of the drug for potency, then wait for the call to the operator within ten minutes, the drug Eragon up and accelerated delivery. You take the order through to delivery by courier (payment at reception of the order to the post office), or pick up in the first paragraph, the delivery of packages at the post office (payment at the post office when receiving). The delivery of the drug in Barcelona to your destination price per shipment packages with the post office or by courier depending on the city in Spain, they report the price to the Manager after the order registration on the official Website.

The drug is sold in packs containing 1 or 2 blister packs of (10 and 20 capsules each).

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  • Andri
    Man, I'm not completely healthy, no matter what complaining. But the effect of these capsules like. Yes, and the girls thrilled with me. Per night up to five times can. Orgasm after taking just something. Words don't describe exactly it is you have to experience for yourself!