Male amusement center - G-spot

The prostate massage is recommended for almost all members of the stronger sex, as thanks to this massage you can easily cope with congestion and many very unpleasant wounds, such as prostatitis. If you want to increase your potential and sexual vigor, you definitely cannot do without these procedures.

Prostate stimulation itself brings drive and lively sensations with it, for which it has been called the male G-spot. It is no secret that many couples who are experienced in love apply this type of affection with power and strength and are not indifferent to them even in seemingly cold masters. If they say the opposite out loud, then most likely they either haven't tried them or are simply afraid of their heterosexual orientation.

What is a male g-spot?

Despite the long-standing mystery about the amusement centers of women, everything is more or less clear about the G-spot in men (prostate). The size of a walnut, this gland is one of the most important areas in the reproductive system as it produces and removes ejaculate. It is located above the perineum and surrounds the urethra and bladder neck. Numerous nerve bundles run through it, so the male G-spot is extremely sensitive.

G-spot massage devices

Orgasm researchers argue that it is better to have sex with a regular partner and to keep the "repertoire" updated. In an erotic setting, you can use a finger or two to massage or buy a special G-spot stimulator made from latex, silicone and medical grade plastic.

You can use toys alone or with a couple and choose them according to your needs:

  • with several modes,
  • with spinning balls,
  • with pimples,
  • or with electrical impulse function.

Gentle or intense movements can give a man unparalleled bliss, conquer and enslave him, because nothing the stronger sex values ​​as much as the ability to caress his genitals. Also, if stimulated, they may experience multiple ejaculations after a few minutes.

How do I find the g-spot in men?

the position of the ji point in men

The prostate can be felt through the back door (of course with the consent of a partner). It is located a few centimeters from the entrance to the anus on the pubic side. After a seal is found, the question immediately arises: "How do I massage the G-spot correctly? "

To broaden your erotic horizons, you need to cover yourself and arm yourself in advance with a special lubricant, as well as a fingertip or glove. It is best to start with relaxing movements, for example light-stimulating movements of the back and buttocks that gently approach the sphincter. If the cherished area is difficult to approach, you can ask your loved one to lie on their back and put one leg on your shoulder.

You need to gradually insert your finger into the anus and press lightly until everything is hidden in it. Then try to make waving motions, which will make it clear where the male G-spot is. When the partner's moans get louder, the goal is achieved.

External stimulation of the male G-spot

Often times, heterosexual partners flatly refuse stimulation, and statistics show that Americans love male G-spot massage much more than others. It is also true that this fact does not stop many women, but, on the contrary, encourages the desire to give their beloved a fountain of new vivid impressions.

In this case, you can pay attention to the area between the anus and testicles. Pressing and caressing the guys' G-spot here will turn out not only to turn them on with a half turn, but also to remind them of the sweet minutes of the climax ahead. However, it is all purely individual, some are prone to massages in this zone, others are indifferent to them.

Medical indications

In addition to eroticism, there are medical indications for prostate stimulation. Knowing where the male G-spot is, then you can begin a special health improvement course. However, it is recommended to consult a urologist beforehand. He will not only identify possible contraindications, but also "clean" the organ from clots and "jams".

The G-spot massage for men is a special session that does not tolerate ambiguity.

As you are conquering new heights, there is no need to remember that the prostate is not only intended for sexual pleasure, but also performs important functions for the body. Therefore, the safety and hygiene regulations must be observed!